The culture of real estate regarding how houses are bought and sold can be improved for all parties involved through Pre-Listing inspections.

Houses are put on the market, offers are accepted, and then inspections are performed. Upon inspection deficiencies are discovered and then buyers and sellers negotiate repairs. In essence, real estate transactions are negotiated twice, once on the price of the house and once for repairs. This process leads to frustration, delays closings and even leads to fall through. If the deal falls apart, all the time spent with the house off the market is wasted. the home selling process must start over, and the seller will have to make more mortgage payments. There is a better way to sell houses and it starts with getting homes pre-inspected and providing a premium home warranty as part of the sale.

Real Estate Agent Advantages:

Realtors do not have to spend 50% of their real estate life putting out home inspection fires or helping the clients line up repairs.

Realtors will create a great real estate experience for their clients which will help with future sales and referrals.

Realtors do not have to worry about a Buyers Response to Inspection or Repair Addendum and in essence, re-negotiate the deal.

Realtors do not have to pay for repairs out of their own pockets just to get a deal to close.

Realtors promoting Pre Listing Inspections state their listings have more showings which leads to higher sales prices and faster closings.

Realtors do not have to worry about the home inspection killing the deal and starting all over again.

Realtors would not have home inspection reports upsetting their customers. It is not uncommon for me to read a listing and see that a "New HVAC or water heater has been installed. Once I am on site, I find the components are not "New" or they are gas and not electric operated as stated. This situation always makes the client pause and question other aspects of the home. Being accurate with the major components of the home is something almost always questioned by the client during the inspection walk through.

As the Real Estate agent, you will have real time value adding information about the house.

Buyers can have up to $1500 wrapped up into a house before they purchase. If they choose to not proceed with the purchase because of deficiencies within the home, that money is typically not recovered
Discussing the deficiencies before hand retains the client and maintains your value!

Sellers Advantages:

Sellers have an opportunity to build repair costs into the price of the house.

Sellers do not have to worry about deficiencies "killing a deal" and making more mortgage payments.

Sellers have the opportunity to inform any potential buyers what repairs were made or will be made to the house PRIOR to listing the house. This process streamlines the negotiating process!!

Sellers have an opportunity to make repairs themselves prior to accepting an offer.

If Sellers know they have repairs costs then they can save money by not making closing cost concessions.

Realtors promoting Pre-Listing Inspections state their listings have more showings which leads to higher sales prices and faster closings.

Sellers have an opportunity to shop around for quality repairs at fair prices.

Buyers Advantages:

Buyers are not blindsided with unexpected costs and if they know about deficiencies up front they can make offers accordingly.

Buyers take time off work to attend inspections and that costs them money.

If the buyer walks away from the house the money they spent on the inspection and appraisal fees is wasted.

Buyers can have up to $1500 wrapped up into a house that they walk away from, which they will never recover.

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One way to create a productive relationship with clients is to ask them about their communication preferences. You may think clients aren't interested in a home because they're not responding to your emails, but it may be because they just don't check their email as often as they answer text messages. Mirroring your clients preferred method of communication can make all the difference.

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Use our negotiation tactics to sell your home

The key to ending up with a win-win scenario for buyers and sellers is to talk to your clients about their negotiation style. Some like to bid low offers so they have room to negotiate. Others will offer exactly what they can pay. And others still will offer full price because they believe the home is priced reasonably. Discuss presenting fair offers with your client before the offer-writing stage.

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