Purchasing a home is a major investment. Home Appeal Inspections, LLC can help you make that investment a smart one. We offer home inspections Moulton, Athens, Cullman, Huntsville, Hartselle, and Decatur, AL. We can examine the main structure, any detached structures and slabs or crawl spaces. Contact us right away to uncover the hidden problems in your prospective home.

Trust us for a thorough home inspection in Moulton and Decatur, AL

You can expect us to walk the roof, crawl the crawl space area, and everything in between.

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Roof and Attic
Home Exterior
Electrical panel and wiring & HVAC systems
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We'll explain our findings in terms you can understand and use to your advantage. Most reports take three to four hours to complete, so you'll have the report by the end of the day or first thing the next morning. Reach out to us now to learn more about the home you're considering.